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Born in 1969. The year they landed on the Moon.

I grew up in the 1970's. Australia was a safe place then - just like That 70's show.

The 1980's weren't bad, except for the fashion sense. In the 80's you could still leave your front door open and no one would come in uninvited. Some of the best movies and TV shows were made in the 80's.

In the late 1980's I went to Murdoch University. I got a bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences. About as useful as an Arts Degree and about as much fun. I learnt to drink beer, to go camping in National Forests and to Roleplay.

I worked for a while in the Commonwealth Bank doing customer service and processing cheque dishonours. Then, in the early 1990's I did a degree in Asian Studies and learnt Japanese. Did I mention that I love Japan? Most of my Japanese teachers were pretty neat. My ability to learn didn't quite catch up with the subject matter and my performance dropped off towards the end of the degree. But I had a great time and got to live in Japan for 4 months.

I learned two important things: word substitution is the way to go when learning a language; and never ask a teacher you've caused a loss of face to for a job recommendation.

Before I managed to find myself a job in Tourism, I found myself on a retraining course courtesy of Social Security. This led me to working for Boral Concrete as a materials testing technician for a few years.

After giving that up, I got a job working in Security and stuck with that for about 10 years. This set me up with about 3 houses. One of which I sold in 2009 and in 2010 I bought Western Leathercraft. Finally I was working for myself, keeping my own hours and doing something that I enjoyed.

Can't say that I've ever looked back.